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Handmade Ceramics (Wheel thrown & Hand built)

Ceramic_Pit Fired Candle Holder - Wheel thrown

Ceraminc_Green Plate - Wheel thrown

Ceraminc_Bonsai Tea Cup - Wheel thrown

Ceraminc_Whimsy Vase - Handbuilt

Ceraminc_Celtic Knot - hand carved

Ceraminc_Eiffel Tower - Handbuilt

Ceraminc_Retro-Asian Box – Handbuilt

Ceraminc_Planter Pot - Handbuilt

Ceraminc_Blue Green Dancing Woman - Handbuilt

Halloween Cupcakes & Cookies

Here are some quick treats I decorated for my Nightmare Before Christmas themed Halloween party of 2009! 

For the cupcakes… I simply printed the characters on card-stock and cut them out. Just remember to leave a couple inches of paper at the bottom of the character so that you have something to stick into the center of the cupcake. There should be no ink on the paper that goes into the cupcake.

For the cookies… I added a little water to powdered sugar and dipped the sugar cookies into the mixture. Then I used chocolate frosting and added the eyes and mouth. Then put in the refrigerator to harden.

NBC Cupcakes - Oct 2009

Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack and Sally_Oct 2009

Jack Cookies _ Oct 2009

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