This costume took me more than 3 months to make. I worked nearly ever evening after work and on weekends to complete it. I kept my super secret costume a secret from all my friends; only telling my Mom, boyfriend, and roommate! :)

In October of 2009 I hosted an awesome Halloween-Costume Party! My house was decorated in Nightmare Before Christmas decorations! Every painting on the wall was covered with images of NBC characters!

As each of my guests arrived at my front door, I was waiting just inside. My costume has two sound features! One plays Princess Leia quotes from the Star Wars movies, while the other plays the Star Wars Score (or theme song). I blasted the Star Wars song and wobbled around yielding my LEGO-gun at my surprised guest! Everyone loved it! We had a great night! Best party ever!

LEGO Princess Leia (me with my LEGO blocks)

Back of LEGO Pricess Leia costume...

How I made it!

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