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Star Trek Wrapping Paper

Star Trek paper

Surfboards & Woody Cars Gift Wrapping

Here is the wrapping paper I designed and printed for a baby shower, who’s theme was surfboards and woody cars. :)

First, I searched online and found a bunch of surfboard & woody car images.

Second, I assembled them and printed them out on 11×17 paper.

Third, I taped them together, wrapped the gift boxes. and used the ribbon to cover the tape seams.

Fourth, I had some extra time, so I cut out individual surfboards and hot glued them on to large curled wire.

I love the result, and so did our youngest cat! She love ribbons; eats them!

Since my gift was the last one to be opened at the shower, I consider that a great big complement! :)

I was told that it was too pretty to open. :) Yay! Mission accomplished!

Hoops & Yoyo Gift Wrapping

I have a friend who LOVES Hoops & Yoyo, so I wanted to really personalize her gift! Rather than going to the store and buying the standard gift bag (which is cheating) I took some time to design my own.

First, I jump online and search for images, and save them.

Second, I assemble them to look awesome!

Third, I print about color 11×17 sheets with my design.

This book that I wrapped here took four 11×17 sheets taped together.

I also design ribbon that is used to cover up the tape/seam lines.

Just get creative! There are no rules with this!

For example, Hoops & Yoyo are a couple pretty crazy characters, so I made the wrappings “over the top” and a bit crazy.

P.S. I did purchase the red wine gift bag. But, I did use ribbons and paper that I designed to tie the two gifts together!

Happy wrapping! :)

Hoops & Yoyo Gift Wrapping

Hoops & Yoyo Gift Wrapping

Hoops & Yoyo Gift Wrapping

Hoops & Yoyo Gift Wrapping

Blue and Brown Gift Wrapping

Here is a photo of gift wrapping that I designed for a Baby Shower gift.

I made the Gift Wrapping to match the cupcake wrappers around the bottoms of the cupcakes I baked and decorated for the shower.

Blue and Brown Gift Wrapping 1

Nightmare Before Christmas Gift Wrapping

I designed and made this gift wrap!

I was inspired by the movie Nightmare Before Christmas!

Next time you watch the movie… pay special attention to the gifts and how they are wrapped!


Nigtmare before Christmas Halloween Gift Wrapping

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