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Astronomy Photos

In my Astronomy Lab we took 120 seconds of video through our telescopes using simple webcams. Then we used RegiStax V4.0 (a free image processing software) to stack our 120 seconds of video. Here is our finished Jupiter & Moon photos. (Note: The second image of Jupiter was created from the video that our professor took, but we stacked the frames.) You can even make out one of Jupiter’s moons in the second photo! :)

Weeki Wachee Kayak Clean-up

Lauri & I with the Weeki Wachee River behind us!

The Weeki Wachee River is such a beautiful river to kayak on!

We joined our Kayaking Club on Sept. 18, 2010 and help clean up!

Unfortunately, there is a lot trash that needs to be picked up from the shoreline.

I’d say that 95% of the trash is beer bottles and cans.

So, if you go camping or boating, remember to always pick up your trash plus try to find additional trash.

Help make the planet a little cleaner while you are out enjoying it!   :)

The day our Kayak Paddle Club did this clean-up, it was perfect weather!

We saw four manatees that day too!

My friend and I were mentioned in this article in the St. Petersburg Times!

Please Read! :)

It’s pretty cool to see your name in print!

Our Kayaing Club can be found  at:

Here are some more photos we took that day! :)

Lauri and I with our full bags of trash! That is my Super-Gwynne pose! HA!

Lauri seems to float on top of the clear water! MAGIC!

Here I am enjoying the river

Cleaning up Florida can be fun!

Water Fountain I made

I bought a water pump and the three decorative pots.

Then I drilled holes and ran the tubing.

This project was cheaper to do myself!

I saved money! :)

The Water Fountain I made.

Bathrooms remodeled

Master Bath 1

Master Bath 2

Master Bath 3

Main Bath 1

Main Bath 2

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